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Re: dissapearing discussions, and OTMS crackdown/stances.

You bring up a great point. Disappearing subject matter is disappointing. I'm guessing in Flough's case, it's because they probably have some litigation going on against Flough. Just my guess? Therefore , it would be detrimental to let any conversations go on about Flough. In fact, now that I've sai...

Jewelry Advice For lvl 179 Ranger

Lux is sooo expensive I want to try and make all of the right decisions when it comes to my Ranger gear. I'm almost 180! I am in serious need of some MISC slot Charm advice. Anyone have an idea of what I should be looking for in that MISC slot at my level? I'm a Mostly Dex Ranger, but have a solid a...

Haste ring for Rangers, Yes or No?

I'm a level 174 Ranger and was considering buying a Haste ring which adds 30% Speed to attack. Am I too late to join this bandwagon? Is it just a waste of money at my level? Is there something better which I should go for now that I'm this level? I have a conundrum. I'm saving for a new AMMY at the ...

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