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Re: Why Rage at Bolas???

Yup. But I didn't rage, I explained why, and I will again.. Although it's not completely unfair, it still is. So people say that shield bash and bolas are same thing(just for example), not really, in fact, when you look at it, bolas is much better with a 30 second duration of effect and a 30 second...

Bolas in PvP

We rangers are pretty much invincible in pvp against Warriors and rouges!! Only if they don't evade bolas :/ My strategy in Dueling is simple, bolas, barbed shot, sharp shot then bolas again. It works!!! :D

Re: BeAtTz from danu

Meteoroid wrote:omg bloodbaron is one annoying clan with immature kids with pervs to. and galdoron fits under all that category..... but now he in elite. surprisingly.
RougePanda, you are weird-.- lashing out against a clan on a random topic. You need to respect to be respected

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