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Re: How many?

Well makes u think they only have 5 with how long it take for new content to come out. When they had events there would be new ones ever 3-5 months. Perm content like 1 year plus? Not event good content fishing is boring, and the only permanent content they have release. Correct me if I'm wrong tho

Fashion vendor prices

Both used fashion tokens to buy, different vendors. Why is one 2.5k and the other 1 gold. I used all my tokens on the one fashion that only sells for one gold. Could the prices be changed pls, or could I get a refund for the 30 plus fashion pieces I have?

Picture arent showing up for some reason

Re: Target Lock Myth

When we had lock battle on mord, it would lock always around 50% sometimes after the 50% mark. Lock battle on necro would be 3% sometimes bc there be so many toons there that he just healed him self. After that we had to kill necro with no lures and 1 Druid for spirits. Main tank had no Druid

Kinda annoying

Those quest dogs in other world will attack anyone under or around its lvl, lvling there can get annoying with them attacking u. There's also another quest guy by the lvl 100 trees, he respawns in a matter of seconds. u kill him then go to the next guy he's already back and u die bc u can't tank to ...

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