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Re: No love for rogues?

Difinitus wrote:We don't specify drop rates based on player classes, gender, or any other player choice in the character creation :).

Do you take into account that some classes are more popular than others?
Thus 60%-70% of each world might be rogues and rangers?

Re: Help me choose a server

Guys i found Nuada to be a bad server for me because of less population and poor economy which does not suits me I want populated server with excellent economy. I want to settle down with my combo toons in one good server. Please tell me which server to choose and why ? And what combo should i play...

Re: Response to griefing

If you dont have enough toons to kill dont go for lock. Thats what i would say. However most important wish VR reviewed their lock group gets all drops mechanism.... I think they should change it too. Make it like, lock DPS group gets 2 drops, second highest DPS group gets 1 drop even if no lock. I...

Re: Event chests

Chests had more mount and pet tokens which was nice. However -new fashion like the jester fashion is not nice. You need new designers. - why still giving tokens when there is no new vendor fashion? - rate of non-hp lixes was on the low side. The mounts are a good idea but would be nice to give info ...


grats but seeing that majestic tier not being removed from future bosses makes me uninstall the game. Why not make its loot table similar to BT's. https://media.tenor.com/images/924d3c6a4bc528a201649a0637b4fdec/tenor.gif Because this boss has an upgrade feature? Uprade is a good to have but mostly ...

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