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Re: Question to admins about Beta

It would be helpful if this time VR allowed the android servers to test all the same aspects of the update as the iOS servers. The chests were not supposed to be tested at the start of the last beta. That was a mistake on VR’s part when setting up the beta, not intentional. It was also not relevant...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Hope they introduced some crafting to improve existing weapons instead of having to switch weapons and good to support all kind of weapons. So -give us ability to improve mord spears or gele axes or edl sword or 200 blunt -give rogues ability to improve all kind of weapons (knuckles) -give rangers a...

Re: Promo/Demo while offline

Difinitus wrote:
Sly Shadows wrote:
Dark Kitty wrote:It will be fixed in the next update.

Yes but how long til that update comes around?

At the moment, sometime in April. I'll be posting a news update soon with details.

Will there be any event before the update?

When do you expect to provide a news update?

Re: Where are all the elixirs?

It's the same on balor, we've seen a huge drop in activity, almost nobody logs on anymore. If you do happen to run across lixes they're going for 5-8k each. Seen 100 chests in ah for 6.5m. Seems our average price for chests have been around 75k each if anyone sells, from what I've seen and heard mo...

Re: New Event System

We have started doing in clan events but obv its not the same as VR event.

Can we please get more information reg events and update.
You dont need to promise anything , just information would be very useful..

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