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Re: EG Tank Advice

Gele Celestial might axe (or vit or dext spear)

BT neck/misc (otherwise Skain set or Poacher ammy)

Prot Braces (def vit dex or def vit hp)

Tier 4 faction Lich rings. Bought by gold.

Huntsman ring. Lux.

If u can get there are two BT rings. Shield wall recast or one with resists.

Re: New seasonal event/chests

Since warhammer is still not out (guess covid situation will impact this) , do VR have any plans to release any update for CH? If not, is it possible please to do events in May/June which will allow us to improve? For example, -Prot/Gele/BT/Dino shorter windows? -Prime dropping only pures? -Events d...

Re: Extend event until Monday?

Pity the event has not been extended. Tbh , can perhaps VR examine if they can reduce the windows of EG bosses? Say after reset you kill all EG and then everybody switches off for 2 days (ok perhaps you go at Unox or lix or merch).. Perhaps switch Gele to 20hrs like Prot? And reduce BT/Dino window a...

Re: Arcane Event.

Try to find ways to win the lock battles.
There are different things you can meddle with to get some advantage.
But its going to be a slow progress so you have to be prepared for this.

Tbh the first bottleneck is Unox. Get your share of Unox and then focus on the next steps.

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