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Re: is tank needed?

They should probably rename the game to Rogues Heroes. Everyday when i login and see the number of our clan rogues online, i can already know what to expect on lock battles. The lock system completely devalues tanking and healing, thus 2 of the 5 classes. Other 2 classes are trying to catch up with ...

is tank needed?

In a locking battle with many groups, is there any use of a tank?

30 ppl on Pyrus on Friday. 6 star appears and dies in 20 seconds. No fun, no enjoyment at all.
Whats the point of a tank then? Is it later in the game?

Re: Game Dying?

Newbie here. Wish i had found this game few years ago instead of few months. Would be nice to find out: -level of active players in each server (not with alts) -level of new players starting. Personally i dont see many active players and as many new players as u would expect. They need to get the MM...

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