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Re: Unified servers

Perhaps for some dead servers it would make sense to merge them (if there are any) Would prefer -unified Auction House only (for lux items only) -Ability to move to a different server (not often and only if no scammer) Instead of unifying servers, OTM can start some kind of tournament between clans ...

Re: Doing DKP During This Event

Dkp is not worth it, just temporarily shift to rolls on all drops... This even is a kick in the pants! It's awesome Worst idea ever. I'm waiting for our dear clan mate that volunteered to do all the points for this weekend to go insane and jump out off a building when he sees exactly how many point...

Re: Revival Chests

All of our clan is complaining...

Come on OTM bring the revival chests back for 1 week at least !!!!!!

It is unfair to panter the 0.001% while all the rest want to the chests back!

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