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Re: Bandits

As you can see, jealousy has already arose. They have been asked many time to merge with so called "stronger" clans greedily trying to ks bosses without grouping. Despite that I see them doing quite well in fact I wouldn't be surprised to them continue to prosper on nuada and make it great...

Re: Chaos

If you are starting over anyway, why not just go to Epona? I'm already set up on Belenus and I think we all can agree that starting on a literally brand new server is so much more fun. Just wanted an Epona like server because the drama gets old imo, especially when it's between 2 old clans such as ...


Springleaf dryad charm
Firbog archer charm
Boggan wyrdwallker charm

Clan banner
Possibly some other things.

See me in game, I'll be wearing the sparkling blue lanrick shirt .

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