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Re: Chaos

Hi everyone, This is Chaotic most of you have probably seen me. My clan is Chaos. We will be a elite endgame clan. At the moment we are recruiting based on previous accounts and the amount of lixes/plat you have to level. If you wish to apply shoot me a pm. Our clan will be more focused on endgame ...

Cooperative vs dom server

If your clan prefers either one, post so here so there isn't confusion.

Bandits remains a cooperative clan grouping and rolling.

This place is either going to end up like sulis or epona. The latter is thriving. Be wise not greedy.

Re: Bandits

Eternity seems strong but, how is that guy that plays 7 characters at once going to gear himself while the rest of clan does?

I mean, I coulda dual tri whatever logged too but, that seems a bit extreme lol. 7 at once

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