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Re: Uptown Moo you up

Just want to start off by stating that this was a completely provoked topic. Agent k received some pms by an incognito Concordia member earlier today while we were raiding. We refuse to let trolling/griefing go unchecked by anyone let alone some apple cheeked hate goblin from another server who's t...

Re: Uptown Moo you up

Wow I knew the Donn clans were inferior but I didn't realize they were that bad. No wonder they always pop into Fingal asking for advice. Advice #1, stop putting full DG sets on one toon you greedy twat, spread the wealth. Advice #2, it's actually easier to kill bosses that don't rage. If you sprea...

Re: Why is my device on fire?

What I like to do and I know it sounds dumb when my Device heats up alot is I just stick that s*** in the freezer for like 2 minutes and then it's cool or I'm Laying on my bed while playing and the ac is one I just get up for like 2 mins and place the phone next to where the air comes out and my pho...

Re: When

Zyz wrote:
Smallza wrote:Has otm said when the cross-platform and thenew area update will be out?

I triple dog dare you to use the search key

Do you wana fight?


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