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Re: What to do?

Honestly I dont know that much about being a ranger but from what I've seen ranger dps skills are dex based so probably the best set up for a ranger is dex and not st

Re: Uptown Moo you up

Basically they have about 50% more members and about 30% higher rating than conc. Now factor in what was just stated about them having "....no rivals just a roach here and there..." Conc has rivals but if they didnt that would mean those would-be rivals are instead, a part of their clan w...

Re: Uptown Moo you up

I'm quiet normally, but I'll speak when necessary. Attention is something I've never sought out. Your question is an insult to my intelligence. Why would a member of Vikings or any other clan for that matter take the time to make a lvl 5 noob to message Agent k of all people and talk about how awes...

Re: Uptown Moo you up

Just want to start off by stating that this was a completely provoked topic. Agent k received some pms by an incognito Concordia member earlier today while we were raiding. We refuse to let trolling/griefing go unchecked by anyone let alone some apple cheeked hate goblin from another server who's t...

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