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Re: Global Castle feedback

Being able to login and play is most important thing. Gladiators, lag etc. Nothing matters when I can't login and play. Any way to fix this ? Yeah toon is in castle. Tried several devices. No succes. Edit: 10s of players in my clan have same problem. I can easily say hundreds of players across all s...

Re: Favorite fash

Hunter is my favourite as a set on male toons. Huntsman mask or with any wigs with it. I like lanrik, spider, frostguard and wyldwood on female toons. I also do like any type of skeleton, zombie and crookback charms. My favourite colours in order are black, white and blue. But I love 99% of fashions...

Re: A Beast Awakens

A beast fell asleep. We were told update will hit in April. We can see its delayed. It happens, understandable and actually was expected. But can we hear a word from developers ? Will there be a beta before release ? What's the date of open Beta ? What's the date of actual update ? Community is exci...

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