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Re: Rogues obsolete at Dino?

hello, i am not an expert but from my personal experience both rogues and warriors are not as much effective as rangers and casters on Dino. but that dose not means they are not useful for full raid. In Nuada we start off by using few rogues and warriors too and once we hit 3 orbs mark we switch to...

Re: Nuada downs dino

Can we not celebrate the success of other players without some one trying to ruin it? If you have nothing positive to say about Nuada players being able to successfully defeat Dhiothu, don't reply. With that, CONGRATS NUADA :). I know that you guys have been working on it for some time and I'm happ...

Re: Nuada downs dino

Congratulations Nuada! To be honest I wasn't expecting Dino to be killed Nuada before many other servers. I don't know much about the server. All I know was you guys have suffered from cheaters as a server. Those bans etc. As newest server and probably one of the least geared server you did it kill ...

Re: Dragon Pet

I really wonder what Devs actively seeking :)

I see several good threads in Feedback & Suggestion section. Community would love to know what Devs thinking about those.

Re: The Dino raid.

- 1 orb until rage, 2 after rage - Always same orb spawn point but different paths - Decrease negative energy timer 20 > 10 - Decrease negative energy hits 3x > 2x, 1x - Decrease hit power of 4* adds - Increase TP limit to 30 or 35 - Fix invisible orbs - Prevent griefers abusing TP limit - Make boss...

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