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Re: Level 60 druid that needs help

So, I am having trouble deciding where to put my skill and attribute points. I kind of want to be the howling winds sort of druid with a bunch of dexterity, but also a DPS druid. Can someone give me some advice? I am lvl 60, and have a golden blade of fire, and godly banshee blade, as well as golde...

Beautiful People of Arawn

HELLO GORGEOUS! Many know me on the server of Arawn as Gaiboi. (Heyy Baes) and my many other crazy long Bontanical Latin named Alts (after orchids of course). We have such a wonderful world full of amazing players! Both in my clans.... and in the competition clans... even randoms running around (som...

Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

Please don't update the game. My phone can't handle the next update. 900 MB is too much and my phone memory is full. P.S. Buying offhand axe lvl 150. any axe. Don't pm me in the game i cant chat. keyboard problems on my phone in game. Pm me here or trade me in game and i will pay 400k or put in auc...

Re: Bank stealing

Mind wrote:Ok, while some of OP is valid, can we let this can of worms die?
Muldar said what needed to be said, lets not reopen a sore point especially here.

Thank you Mind.

OP is welcome to contact me via Celtic Heros on band. I’ll be glad to speak with him there in regards to such a sensitive issue.

Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

Ohhhh the list I could create! I want a few fun things to begin.... -Zebra and Ostritch Mount - But a fun zebra, not a remake of one of the damn horses like every other “horse” mount out there. -Druids should get a plant for a pet, Like an orchid! Or little Venus fly trap running around following us...

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