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Re: New "Experienced" Player

If I were you, I'd play whichever class looks most appealing, so a fire mage in your case. With the $100-$200, buy chests and sell em (most servers avg. about 30k per chest, so you'd get between 3-6 mill, you should be set for a good while with this). Cross platform was released a few months ago, m...

Fill me up

So im starting to decide whether i should xfer here or not Some people suggested me to xfer here so i might Nuada seems like a nice server I'll be honest on that But i need a few questions answered Hows the economy? Are the people friendly? Is it overpriced? What clans are here? Mostly this for now ...

Re: Food of gods

Mystery person wrote:1)search Celtic heroes
2) check game descriptions if it’s says food of gods if not don’t delete app yet
3) delete ch app and install the new client update won’t show in store if ch is already installed with old update

Works on android too?

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