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Re: Closed Beta Test!

Wow a bunch of butt hurt people Oh for sure I'm butthurt lol. I'm saltier than the Red Sea, and I'm expressing some discontent. It feels unfair after so many betas to be passed over, especially when you try and put effort into the game, the forums, and OTM's wallet (not saying you should be buying ...

Re: Relic Cheating

I logged on this morning to find hunter remains and at least 6 locations had level 1 players standing over them on Belenus server. This is getting way out of hand. https://s14.postimg.org/k3k0wm62p/1_E5_E7_AB2-_D499-412_F-900_D-92_D0_B1777_FE8.png https://s14.postimg.org/prqbnii4x/45_A1_E8_C5-5_CC7...

Relic Cheating

Is it at all against the terms of service for one or multiple people to place Lvl 1 alts at all of the hunter’s remains spawns and monopolize them? It makes it painfully difficult to collect them and worsens an already tedious task.

Re: Vindi fash drop rates.

Vindicator fash pretty worthless on belenus too, yes make fash better for girls too! So many full sets except a few like lanrik just look meh and it's hard to mix a lot of it cuz most pants look terrible especially with other tops and shoes, frostguard pants just look like an ironed out plastic bag...

Re: Mount/Pet

Unless you're willing to sacrifice functionality for damage, choose the bunny over the eagle.

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