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Re: Meteoric Quest Diamonds

Yes, some people still have old quests. I do not recommend reseting them, I tried to reset one of them on an alt of mine and I have sent over 5 tickets, all with responses saying it was fixed and it still has yet to be fixed.

Re: The Real Hoe

Yes, I did used to be the most hated, not for being rude to people. It was for greed and jumping clans. I can honestly say I have never called someone a profane name on this game.

Re: stalking ingames

Even if you report someone in game for harassment, nothing is ever done. If OTM looked at the chat logs, they could suspend/ban many people, but they don't have the time I guess, plus why would they ban a plat buyer?

Re: The Real Hoe

Damn why can't people just get along. All the swearing at each other and calling people absurd names is really not necessary.

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