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Re: The Wall of Shame

Rysen just tried to scam me by saying that he was selling a silver blade of battle for 5k and I was like dam i will buy. He put it up and it was just a falchion. Then i said he is a scammer and he is like "sorry its on my bank" and I havent seen him since. :evil:

PuppetMaster's Page!!!

Hi guys! I'm sure many of you dislike me but I decided to make a page anyways. Here, I will post what I am selling and buying and I will update often! Also, if you have any feedback on how to improve my game or something about me that is bad, please feel free to tell me. All the items below are offe...

Re: Fragment Pricing

shepman wrote:puppet don’t want to sound rude but have u looked at the date when this topic was posted , the frags were worth these prices when u even werent playing this game

O yah i know shep.... I am just posting the current prices... and thats not rude...!!!

Re: Fragment Pricing

Hey i think these are over priced maybe a while ago they were worth this much but now I think I mostly see these prices:
Moon 2-4k
Sun 5-10k
Oak 10-15k
Elm and Crown 15-25k
Dragon IDK I have never bought

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