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Would this work?

I've always thought about this but if you are an endgame mage that does bosses only then you are likely to be with other mages at the bosses. Since this is true why do some mages use lures? If a mage drops lures (only bossing mage) it could run 4 damage skills and an attune. Surely this would be bet...

Re: Kills

Blackrhino wrote:IMG_8265.jpg

Granted that's Full DG war with void axe. Prior to DG, warrior dps is average at best.

Can u post pic of the wep?

Re: Rogue charms

Allyknife wrote:So I wanted to know which charm is best for e.g. Dps

Imperial recast sneaky charm( reduces cooldown by 25%, 400 cunning, 40str)

Or a skain stormleaf/ gara blade leaf charm

Sneaky would be good or a dex/attack skain charm

Re: Question to full DG people

MortalCreed wrote:I find the lack of energy very annoying but I've found ways to deal with it. The most annoying part is that I have to switch to edl sometimes because it still has like no damn resists. Cmon OTM I shouldn't even have to consider edl

This is why you need dg rangers O.o

Re: Druid power

My signature... :P Can u show off your gear and build please At that time I had a: Skain stonebark ammy Royal silverweb charm of earth Grand necral rings of corruption X3 Royal augurs ring of the sierra (+1 Swarm) Royal augurs circlet of the sierra (Nat touch one) Royal necral band of storm touch F...

Re: Question to full DG people

We completed a full DG Rogue set a few weeks ago and like we already told OTM in beta's, the set needs more energy. As it is now, the aura it gives is completely useless because a rogue will run out of energy after using one of the skills. Our full DG rogue is now using a Godly Prot brace just so s...

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