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Re: 3 hrung braces for sale

Yeah, our server cooperates pretty well. There are probably 5 or so clans present at any kill. Everyone gets to roll (though braces and skulls and such are restricted to the appropriate class). It doesn't optimize drop distribution, but it is accepted as fair and has worked well for us since the int...

3 hrung braces for sale

Royal shielding: armour 100, energy 500 (ranged combat 300)
royal smiting: dmg 80, defense 350 (ranged combat 300)
royal precision: attack 350, health 500, (ranged combat 300)

let the bidding begin :D

Re: New Rules - Records

personally, i have no intention of reactivating my wechat account. i barely get to the forums.

i am satisfied with using forums for votes. it's a shame we cant create a real poll (with radio buttons) - that would be cool.

high end stuff sale

hi all,

i am selling some of my excess gear. i have high end stuff from hrungnir bracelets, mordy rings, event boss stuff (silverweb, frostiron, etc.) Most of my stuff is lvl170+ to use. Most of my stuff is ranger and druid.

if you are interested, let me know. thanks!

Re: Hermeneutic of Generosity

Cecil, u are correct, it wasn't voted on. Many of ur clannies I've been lvling with seemed to expect it, so I just assumed... My bad. The shout thing was an idea that seemed to get poitive reception. If we decide against it, fine. We are trying other things ppl suggested, like rotating tanks. Afaic,...

leveling and rooms

i think Cecil made a good distinction (i think it was cecil) killing a mob in a room where a group is leveling is NOT ksing (though it may be inconsiderate) killing a mob someone else has started IS ksing everyone levels differently. some get more solo (but may spend more in restos), some get more i...

Re: Hermeneutic of Generosity

well, as far as bosses go, perhaps you can consider this thread as a new cooperation between Ancients and Alliance. if other clans do not wish to participate and take those bosses on their own, then that is their prerogative. But please recognize that it is our prerogative, as officers of our clans,...

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