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Looking for a home 2 weeks from now :)

Hi all. Again :) Due to the lacking of people in the server (could be due to my timezone), i've decided to look for a new home/clan in the near future(2weeks time due to exams). I have a 180 rogue and a 120 mage. Sorta know most of the ingame skills and all but still need loads of time to get used t...

Re: AH or merching

Lol. Do people still buy on AH if its overpriced? I'm not too interested in making a fortune as long as i get to merch my items at a decent price. Also, may i know what the prices of plat items r now? they seem to have changed a bit since the last i played

AH or merching

Hello dear arawnians. May i know how people merch things here now that there is the AH? It may be due to my timezone that im not seeing as many people which is why id like to know if people still merch through shouting in zones or is the server a lot more quiet thn it once was. Cheers :D

Re: Hi I'm Lax :D

Thanks all for the welcome. Lax is the short form of my main Laxus. I'm still new to the forums despite playing before. Thanks for the advice everyone. Maybe i'll farm up some gold for the time being and learn more of the state of Arawn :D

Hi I'm Lax :D

Hello fellow Arawn people!!! I've been thinking of coming back to CH after quitting for 3 years. Great to see so many new things being added to the game and it looks great as ever. However, most of my older friends don't seem to play anymore and I'm really lost right now haha. I left off as a lv 180...

Advice for low level offhand

Good day all, I would like some advice on which offhand to purchase as a lv 80 mage. As of now, the heroic vigor ammy is the only regen lux I have. I have invested a fair amount of points into eboost prior to the purchase of the ammy. My question is if I should buy the masters grimoire or the royal ...

Re: Returning Player :D

Thank you all for your help :) I shall take my time to explore all the new features available. And yes, Xell of Arawn is the Xell i'm looking for :D Also, as I am new to the forums as well, may i know how do i pm a specific person. I don't seem to have access to that feature. Thanks again in advance...

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