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Re: What to do?

I had a friend who was STR built with askord bow, he was hitting a 1.4k dmg from a crit double shot while I was doing about 800 from crit longshot , after a while he changed into DEX and sold the bow. as double shot was his only effective dmg . his autos were missing a lot. And he was loosing healt...

Re: Is barbed shot worth it?

Lol! But in response, I use it at base plus gear adds. Does more dmg than sharpen adds, so I use it as my version of sharpen, which is also base plus gear. The cast takes too damn long to make it really worth it, and its a waste on anytuung under 3* of same level because I kill them before its done ...

Re: What to do?

May as well buy the reb and alt books just to find out. But since all skills are dex based, might not be so great. Dex adds to your attack at 2:1 and def at 1:1, ao losing dex loses attack and defence. In other words, you will hit less and get hit more. And light heal will be much less useful as str...

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