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Re: Buying! Make some money!

@squidly I agree (now) he's not as well. Just wish if people would be more open about it, no reason to bully anyone regardless its just toys. People in crom do trade (mainly swap colours) but i was approached by many non seed members that wished to swap certain colours and we did that, again theres ...

Re: Buying! Make some money!

Nuke, I explained this already but your comment pretty much nailed it on the head also. Your reaction, wether i was under an alt or using a main would be exactly the same. I'm not in one of the 3 DL dominating clans (you'll just have to take my word for it) on Arawn and i doubt i ever will. If this...

Re: Buying! Make some money!

I totally disagree with this, if u believe you're doing the right thing by selling these dl items under a secret alt, then explain to me why do you feel the need to 'hide' under an alt to sell them? This only shows me that you're in a clan and currently breaking their rules and betraying your friend...

Re: Sell golden camo charm

-Kola- wrote:this is danu not crom

Yes i know that but he's selling it and was looking for plat items in exchange, an xtra charm might come in handy in the future if server transfers were implemented :)

Re: Crom or rhia

aqww123 wrote:Whats a better world to move to crom or rhia

It depends where ur friends are tbh, crom is very (low lvl friendly) as well, ur gonna like it here, but why not try both? Visit both servers and get a few lvls and see which u prefer and feel more comfy in :D welcome in advance if u choose crom!

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