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Re: SoulsIgnited

Nico wrote:Seriously? I'd really like to see this from the 'seed' point of view, but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass...

Just so you know, if i were a bird you'd be the first person I'd poop on ;)

Re: SoulsIgnited

beiochazz wrote:its easy SI to get them back
go stand in the life steal area of necro

Always the same typical response from u :lol:



Re: SoulsIgnited

Piilys wrote:All trades are final.. I think thats a personal problem.

That wouldn't be ur response if it happened to you imo.

I think you should :

Re: Buying

I may have ss tome for you, but what sigils would u prefer? Energy or hp? Or both

Smelly, check this out :)

The 190 boss was killed after i logged off -dang missed it- so i took a screenshot of the weapon that dropped which was a dagger for u to see ^^ good luck with arawns 190, hope he spawns soon. Took us 5-6 days? since chests were patched. This isnt a bragging post, just sharing pic and stats, thought...

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