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Re: Reset Hoardersj

I'll list all the spots i know here LIRS: -northern Peninsula: skullcrusher firebrand to the left of the road -outside dustwither: phantomblade SHALE: -both firebrand and phantomblade close to redbane, near just before the hunters' remains that is there SV: firebrand in the valley at the first blood...

Re: Repeatable quest help

Just run the quest line until you hit Razorclaw. Do razorclaw until 118, then do quest line again until you hit Sentinel. Then do Razor and Sentinel until 134. Swap razor for magus quest at 134, and keep doing sent and magus until 142. After 142 those 2 diminish.

Re: Which Ammy Should I get?

If you want to fulfill a real hybrid, I would be looking towards a bit more hp. At 145 i myself had 600 str and 6k hp (800 vit or so). I was able to solo all meteoric 5*'s except coppa and rockbelly (and bladewing but vuk that lol)

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