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Re: COrrupted gardens

I hope for a new 190 210 and 220 raid boss. New content for end game and mid game. And dw bob. Im hoping the 190 boss doesnt drop the best gear in the game aswell so you dont have to make alts to lock it. Also considering gardens is a 180-220 zone then it would make absolutely no sense if every bos...

Re: COrrupted gardens

Still hoping there aren't any EG bosses below 220 .-. Lets see if OTM listened to EG players that are sick of making alts to level lock lower level bosses to gear their mains :D Cuz with so many EG players quitting as of late (myself among em), I feel like corrupted gardens may be the one chance to...

Re: Who is excited for gardens?

I’m super excited for the update, I refuse to lvl past 205 because I want to save the last 15 levels for the Gardens... that and I hate lixing in the tower lol. I really hope the update comes before Spring Break comes around for students, which is in March.

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