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Re: Fellow beta testers

Otm why’d u put people below 215 in here... just a question:/ This is a 180-220 lvl area. I assume they needed people at are 180-200 to test how balanced the mobs there, wether they are suitable for lvling there or not. I figured closed beta was for the new bosses. No need for any new EG bosses bel...

Re: Fellow beta testers

bob the mage wrote:
Zkills wrote:This is probably for the open beta?

For the closed, but I’m assuming that the people who were 215- thought this was for the open

Well wouldn’t you want to wait till the actual closed beta forum is opened? Lol. Might as well be for the open beta since this forum is open for everyone

Re: Pokémon Nostalgia

I remember getting Pokemon Sapphire for my birthday. When my Marshtomp started to evolve I ran to my mother way too excited telling her it will be like the Pokemon on the games cover. Man my face when I realized it was something totally different. Good times. Marshtomp may have been my first starte...

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