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Re: New Chests

People are trying to sell them 60-75k with a buyout price of 100k per chest on belenus while everyone is trying to buy them for the usual 35-40k per chest

Re: Best Class to power into an empty server?

Mutation wrote:
Jumanji wrote:
highwindghost wrote:Warrior since its the best class to solo level

Actually rogue is but warrior is good too.
Riposte is the best leveling skill in the game and easily obtainable from the bears

But shadow strike isn't easily obtainable

Yea was gonna say, people who choose rogue will spend ages farming ss

Re: Lag

offiues wrote:Knew this cross platform would be the worst thing ever appreciate otm staying but I'm not playing this game anymore especially when it takes me 3 minutes yo use 1 idol. The lag is horrific and needs to be handled asap


Re: Would ya look at that...

Frozensoul wrote:
Dark Times wrote:even better question:

Who wished they could have only pizza
Who wishes they could have pizza and ice cream,

obviously people will choose the second

Of course, but look at my post in feedback and suggestions, I believe that they could achieve both.


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