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Hi, i would just like to annouce that i will be making a druid, that i will level up to 215+ with no used elixirs at all. I know this has been done and i thought this was a good idea, although it will be very long, i wont have to buy lixes and such to level, wich will save me tons. Anyways, wish me ...

Refund me

I sent an in game ticket concerning an item I bought, the royal shield of something lvl 50 req. I sent Otm a message about 2 hours after I bought it, as I didn't realize I did buy it. But anyways, it's been a few days now I think, and I was wondering when I could get my 250k back from the shield. Th...

Support offhands

Hi so i was wondering if a support rogue and ranger needed preferably a master grimoire/focus of the seer/focus of the seer level 150 version to become better at being a support player. I see many support druids using one of those offhands and many support mages using them aswell. Sometimes i see ma...


I was wondering if you guys could tell us how much xp it takes from going from level 1-220/225 area. Just curious to see how much time i need to spend to reach there haha

Re: dkp

How are the dkp calculated? Like how does the clan keep track of them because a player could lie and give himself a few dkp


Could someone explain to me the dkp system? Ive been seeing it a lot on forums lately yet i dont understand it very much. Thanks in advance!

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