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Re: The call for help

Wait for the Adventurer to arrive on your server, then find them wandering around! Any specific information about the mission will be shared by the Adventurer at that time.[/quote]

do i kill him or something or like find items around the area

Gele axe

Thoughts on dark solar flame axe on eg bosses (mord, necro, edl's, prot, gele, bt, dino) vs edl sword?

Re: Let's be realistic

i dont think the game is dieing. Many new players are coming to my server and there is quite a bit of competition here. I will say VR is probably having a hard time with such a small team and big community, but i think the game is going well, with the addition of dino being the first VR boss (right?...

Strongest servers?

Just curious as to what players think the strongest servers are for killing eg bosses. I havent been on many servers, but im assuming the top 5 would be something around this (in no sepcific order, although epona first). Epona Gwydion Herne Morrigan Donn Maybe im wrong, just assuming! Let me know wh...

Leveling to end game

Any other players have the issue of always wanting to restart and make a new character?I'm not sure why but constantly over the 6 and a half years I've played Celtic heroes I always want to restart and make a new character/class. Maybe it's just my dedication issues but I'm not sure how to get by it...

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