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Celtic isint working

Yo OTM, this morning ive been trying to open up my ch and all it did was bring me to a black screen. So i thought maybe its the update thats causing this, so i deleted CH and redownloaded it. Still brings me to a black screen when i load up the game. Please help

On android btw


Have warriors ever gotten proteus, gel or well any 200+ 6 star boss kills, and if so with what gear. Thanks

IOS to Droid

Xfering from Herne to any android server! I am xfering these items Rad es pants Rad es gloves greater es helm lesser es boots 85/30/30 boar old hero ammy 100-200k Good level 70-100 warrior rings (silverweb, frostiron) Quartz sword 10 tic energy brace A bunch of tabs, rems, pages, discs and a few cre...

Leveling to End game

Hey, im sure this question has been asked before on forums, but i was wondering wich class is best suiteded for leveling with limited lux and sigils to end game. Also wich class is the slowest class to level to end game? Thanks

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