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Re: dkp

How are the dkp calculated? Like how does the clan keep track of them because a player could lie and give himself a few dkp


Could someone explain to me the dkp system? Ive been seeing it a lot on forums lately yet i dont understand it very much. Thanks in advance!


Best 1H and 2H weapons to level from 1-180? And why are they better then the rest? Thanks


How many hours of levelling, grouped or not, lixed or not, would it approximatly take an average player who isint too rich to get to level 180 from lvl 1? Without spending plat obviously.


Whats the cheapest class to get to end game. So like if you were a noob and didnt buy any plat and didnt have any lux at all. What woukd be the easiest class to level with gold that you would have to farm?


What is the speed of hand to hand? And will there be new hand to hand weapons eventually like knuckle blades?

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