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Re: food of the god launch?

Probably january or february, otm is always extttrrraaa late. Just look at there past update post saying cross platform will be end of june, it was a lot later then that, same with the updates before, so just expect it to be a month later then what they say


How much are each pieces worth on your server? I currently own a Darkflame bp on gwydion and i havent seen anyone else on my server with pieces yet. Just curious:)


Hi, i would just like to annouce that i will be making a druid, that i will level up to 215+ with no used elixirs at all. I know this has been done and i thought this was a good idea, although it will be very long, i wont have to buy lixes and such to level, wich will save me tons. Anyways, wish me ...

Refund me

I sent an in game ticket concerning an item I bought, the royal shield of something lvl 50 req. I sent Otm a message about 2 hours after I bought it, as I didn't realize I did buy it. But anyways, it's been a few days now I think, and I was wondering when I could get my 250k back from the shield. Th...

Support offhands

Hi so i was wondering if a support rogue and ranger needed preferably a master grimoire/focus of the seer/focus of the seer level 150 version to become better at being a support player. I see many support druids using one of those offhands and many support mages using them aswell. Sometimes i see ma...


I was wondering if you guys could tell us how much xp it takes from going from level 1-220/225 area. Just curious to see how much time i need to spend to reach there haha

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