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Re: Offering Gifts to Crom Refugees

haha so funny lol seed only will allow a1% amount of people into there clan and they have multiple rules such as you can’t buy any gear or use any gear that was once in seed, you can’t kill bosses that they kill you can’t lix near them in the same room when they do also you can’t join an opposing cl...

Re: Bank stealing

Also otms rules on bank sharing was that it’s allowed however if anything happens like someone steals the drops then they can not do anything about it. Them giving you the bank for a short time back is alot considering when other clans have reported bank stealing’s in the past they would reply this ...

Re: Bank stealing

How is this anything like slavery? You compare this to slavery wow. In slavery time people were bought and sold taken from there families and beaten please do not compare this to slavery

Re: Bank stealing

Also what’s the point of crying back for these items they are in the bank for a reason to never be used again atleast that other dude can circulate that gear backin arawn. While that doesn’t benefit resurgence it benefits the rest of arawn

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