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Re: Battery life after update

what ive noticed when playing is that it drains your battery on every device played on ipad2, iPhone 6 6s ipod touch and iPhone 5 also after playing I feel like it generally decreases the phone battery life as before I played the game my battery was good now it drains instantly

Pay to lose

People always complain that this game is a pay to win game I hear it all the time however this game is rather pay to lose the server I play about 80% have never bought plat and they have everything in game for edl 2 -3 skain sets each whereas people who have bought plat like my self can't even get a...

Re: Event Lux

This new permanent lux shop is anoying to me cause I spent a lot of gold collecting expensive lux from other players and this cost a lot of plat and now you just make a shop where you can get it all for less you. :(


Looking to buy some Elixrs don't know the prices in Crom as im new here have 200katm will get more when I buy plat next month

10 knowledge elixr, haste health travel and energy
100 idols
200 restoration potions

My in game is ranger1234

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