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Re: Which one better?

!90 Perceptor str ammy vs 150 stargem windrider ammy for leveling. for boss. for both. For bossing definetely stargem, because of OP stats+skill. I for my part prefer runic valour ammy more though tbh. For leveling I've tried both and I liked the def skill in perceptor as it saved me restos. Plus a...

Re: Best server?

1337 on Sulis tries to be as transparent with DKP as possible using Rapid Raid on Guildlaunch Trying to be fair is a good thing. But somehow only leaders get your good gear.... Sulis has 3 endgame clans: 2 dkp based clans and 1 clan who just gears people stuff they request - it doesn't sit in the b...

Re: Name Scamming

Just today a lvl 1 player called heigendice was running around in castle pretending to be Heigens dice toon and scamming people that way. Later, real Heigen arrived in castle and this faker left. But right after Heigen left too, a toon called realheigendice or so appeared.... Die those people have n...

Re: EG gear help

Update: switched my skills: Now using Double Attack, sneaky, qs, ss, rend all maxed Rest in pw Rn with my build i get quite a few necro, mord, hrung etc kills, but still struggle at prot. Thought this could help me out: What do you guys think of using a godly Double Attack cooldown brace in Addition...

Re: Severs and Classes

it is hard to answer what class is dominant in Sulis:

It depends on Clan very much.
But in general druids and mages are least played Here.
Many rogues, even more rangers and a decent amount of warrs here. Hard to tell percentages.

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