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Re: best server to play

Join Sulis ;)

Sulis is a world where scammers have a hard time simply because of the amount of scammers that already is here.

Anyway, if you're not a scammer, Join Sulis too since it's fun here especially now when all this griefing came to an end.

Re: the game is broken

soo, i was on the whole time while noone cound log in and i noticed an interesting thing. i still could log any of my toons on same acc. so the problem is not the login server, its that u cant get to the world select menu

Re: Clan War Servers

So I have been giving this some thought and I figured that for my needs at the end of the game I need competition whether its good or bad. So i guess what I am asking is which servers are the ones with Clan Wars and have... 1) Competitive lock battles 2) There are no unfair RNG Rolls where getting ...

Re: Wall glitching to reset necro

Nice video Rob, I have a few myself. There is no excuse for losing to us in clean FFA two times, then taking full credit for a third win. Our DPS is impeccable and unmatched on our server. We have never lost an FFA where there were no DCs, everyone was lixed, and we have a full group of 8. Not one ...

first gele kill

Gratz to SoldiersOfJah on Sulis to their first Gele kill.
we had like 51 toon online and it took only 14 mins to kill.

An awesome start and maybe we ll see more geles going finally down on Sulis now lol.
thanks to everyone who logged and especially to those who organized all that, Huge Thanks!!!!

Re: The Reason We Play

First of all there aren't enough relevant bosses currently to keep us occupied constantly. What does anyone do when no raids are up or due? With the addition of more endgame bosses, we should have much more to do with our endgame toons. Furthermore, people like myself aren't satisfied with medium t...

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