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Re: Server population

I've noticed that there seems to be frustration about how aware OTM is of the server population, activity and capabilities. I think with 19 servers it can be hard for them to keep track of the server activity, especially if they don't play every single server themselves. To give them a better pictu...

Re: Sulis

Are you sure he wasn't duel logging and the other people "dicing" were his other toons? Yeah he was dicing nyanta and several other toons and they all said he was trusted but when got scammed they just said well he didn't do that to me before so too bad xD like funny af some shady ppl Nev...

Re: xferring 30m gold from arawn

Join SoldiersOfJah on Sulis ;) We can take all bosses and we have comp almost everywhere so it isnt getting boring. Plus if you like lvling for a goal, we have lvling competitions every here and then. Oh and did I already mention the people are Ultra nice and friendly? Dont listen to all the Sulis h...

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