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I believe I've signing off CH for my final time, what I had left when I quit(it's not much cuz most is on other servers on other accounts that I'm never logging again but it's something. Wish y'all the best! Good luck :) https://i.postimg.cc/BvN6nTm5/Screenshot-20191213-000412.png https://i.postimg....

Re: Dead servers

It’s common knowledge. If anyone wants to claim that their server is dead, explain why in detail and let’s look into it. But you do not play on Nuada, while some of us do/have played there. The server didn't die due the exploit and mass bans, it was just until recently when dino would be downed for...

Re: Private messages

Lucia wrote:how many posts before u can use private messages?

I haven't been there in a long long time but if I recall it's between 3 and 5 but fair warning pming admins isn't the way to go for support requests

Re: Net Worth Count 2019(Furyion)

Shivahh wrote:
Zkills wrote:It’s a very cool achievement, but sadly when you have that much gold 90% of it becomes useless because gold has almost no buying power outside of a free server

Now you know why he prefers old lugh

Almost everyone has a price xD js


Paying 11m fingal for 9m gwyd or 200 chests gwyd(I want chests more which is why the gold is a bit more fair for me)

Re: Leaderboards

It wont update until you've hit half way is what Ive heard. Also VR needs to remove the hacker people who are rank 96 and the other impossible ranks. But I don't expect any action to be taken there. That is so stupid, it won't update until you're halfway? Why? I hit the rank and I'm about 4/10 thro...

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