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Re: Hello all!

You posted a screenshot of Riku deleting people from the chatroom. I was not there at the time to stop him, and I don't think I realized it had happened. I will invite everyone in that screen back in. Anyone on Morrigan that is willing to comply with the chatroom guidelines is welcome there. No pers...

Re: Couple of questions

Regen is nice to have, but if you have good lux gear (read: event amulet/braces/ring), it's pretty well taken care of. Additionally, if you have a healthy amount of gold (as this player says he does), you can afford to use lixes and buy sigils, to increase your out-of-combat regen.

Re: what is better for a hybrid warroir early on (lv1-180)

Boar is the best pet for a well-supported, endgame tank, and imo the best for a pvp warrior. Bunny would be best for a poorly supported tank, or one that wants to solo bosses. Dog would be best for any warrior that wants to DPS and lix effectively. It won't be AS GOOD for tanking as either of the ot...

Hello all!

Hello Forums, I'm Freezerburn, a level 212(+) icemage in the clan Havoc on Morrigan. I've been playing since October 2014, and am an avid merchant, buying and selling all sorts of items (You might remember me from about a year ago, when I posted my Freezermart list here). I'm an unofficial admin of ...

Re: Legacy Lux Vendor

A weekly refresh would be nice, it could refresh randomly every 168-192 hours (7-8 days). This way we aren't getting reaper rings flooding in destabilizing economies, but we are able to get the proper use out of the shop. It was ok when we were having resets every few weeks, but now it's kinda stag...

Re: Couple of questions

I know you bought one already, but as a rule of thumb, if you want an elemental offhand, you should buy ice or fire offhands, rather than magic ones. Additionally, as you start leveling enough to group lix, especially with mages, you might want to get one to match your lix partner, or to match most ...

Re: 100% mounts

An avid plat buyer and nub player on Morrigan has opened a 95/40 winterwing and a 100% Cranfir Spiritsteed (the purple and white one with the goat head thingy)

Re: Couple of questions

I'd definitely recommend the golden blade, try and get one used from another player, I'm sure there are some floating around. As to gear, a Heroic Amulet of Vigor (20/20 regen and hp/en/armour boosts) will serve you well until lvl 90/100 when you can obtain a lux ammy. Your skills sound pretty good ...

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