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Re: To haste, or not to haste

It's not haste, but tanks are also expected to hp/armour/def/energy on EVERY boss as well, to keep up, and mages/druids are also expected to use energy and occasionally hp/armour lixes to stay up and effective thru the battle. Lixes should really depend on the boss, the clan, the person, and the com...

Re: New devices... Which to pick?

@Mind As to the PC, I don't have one, nor the kind of money it would take to make one capable of running a worthwhile amount of instances... I tried bluestacks, but chatting is atrocious and it removes your ability to use any hotkeys if you ever say anything... Does this MeMu have similar problems, ...

New devices... Which to pick?

I'm looking to pick up between 2 and 4 cheap devices solely for CH playing, and I'm wanting to get them for less than $100 apiece... I know what Apple has to offer (iPhone 5c refurb for $80ish ea is best), but I have no experience in the Android world. Would the $50 Amazon fire 7 tablet run CH effec...

Re: Name

Hairy S. Treeman (ik its male, but it was too good)
I don't know anything about your other toons, or you, so it's kinda hard to suggest names...

Re: 100% mounts

@Furyion, Yoyo isn't serious, it IS a running joke... I like to think I know a lot about this game, and I love learning more. And it hasn't been three years yet, I started October of 2015, late in the Darkrider event.

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