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Re: What is the most fair system (without using DKP)

You guys actually record the amount of time someone spends camping? How does that work? At a camp with 20 people you would have to record at what time each person logged. Or what about someone who camps for 1 hour waiting for a boss, they get a bunch of HKP even if they were afk the whole time beca...

Re: What is the most fair system (without using DKP)

Honestly, I like the gear auction system that Havoc uses. Each boss, boss camp, and boss camping time is worth a certain amount of HKP (Havoc kill points), and about every two weeks, we have an auction for all the items we have accumulated in that two weeks. (DL/EDL/DG is decided by leadership) The ...

Re: What type of bullying is allowed and bannable by OTM standards?

Repetitive verbal harasssment isn't bannable. Even sexual harassment and threats are given a pass, because of the block feature. . Female members of Avalon have been subjected to continuous harassment over the years and nothing has been done except being told to "block them" I am very awa...

Re: What ammy to get?

Mountain is a great ammy, but it's easily double the price of the poacher... If you want cheaper and easier to find, get poacher. If you want pricey, but somewhat viable at endgame, get Mountain.

Re: What ammy to get?

Get three levels, and then get a Brightstone Amulet of the Poacher. It was, I believe, 750k in the shop, and is, at its level, one of the the best tank amulets in the game. 140 vit, 105 armour, and 700 hp at level 140 is hard to beat.

Re: Druid or Ranger?

I don't know about how drop selling works on Epona, considering I play on a closed-Market server (Morrigan), but I'd say be patient and wait for better things. It's a kinda personal rule for me to never sell something that I may want later and would be difficult to buy back, so I'd say just wait. Yo...

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