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Re: gearing help: ice mage

Spider rings are the best pre gele direct skill damage rings for mage. I generally run 2 godly necro ice rings and an imperial spider shards ring and leave the last spot open for swaping, I found that using 2 spider rings (other is my shards swap item) is more effective then adding a 3rd necro ice ...

Re: Best Build for Endgame Ice Mage

Only thing I have to add would be to hotswap a attune ring (osan or tower binding is best), and a energy shield ring (Frostiron is op) in your first slot. This saves you as many points on your ice att/e shield as those rings have on them, which could be used to take another skill to a usable level. ...

Re: "Jackpot chest pet"

Aileron wrote:
MrsDredd wrote:So some people might say oh I got $100 birthday money I'll splash out on chests. For $100 they'll get a bunch of crappy fash tokens and consumables.

I'd rather spend my $100 on two cowboy ribeye steaks and two pints of beer lol

I don't often say this, but I heartily agree with Aileron.

Re: "Jackpot chest pet"

I recommend waiting for double plat day sales haha, a person wasting 1000$ for 1k chests at this point in time is dumb, save it for the end of the month and get 2x’s your chests Call me a party pooper, but I think paying $1000 for some pixels on a screen is kinda dumb, whether it gets you a thousan...

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