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Re: Seriously what's the point?

FYI Regen: I have spoke to Hajtand and Nirvana are not part of union, they are neutral, they group anyone at bosses, as do Benevolence, but you guards and gens in aeon and pride are so stuck up that you don't want to 'lower yourself to our level' I mean come on?! It's like one drop jeez calm down, i...

Re: Seriously what's the point?

Regen, on every board you are repeating the same points, if you do not do any of that then please leave benevolence be, it's not right for you to dehumanise us due to our clan choices, aeon are the worst clan for smack talk so stop sticking up for them as if you don't know it happens

Re: Seriously what's the point?

Precisely, if you've never experienced it you won't know what it's like, they are controlling, they take the fun out of the game... They have to schedule boss kills and if they fail they lose the boss sometimes, that's not fun at all, better to be in a lock battle and fail, knowing you've tried

Re: Seriously what's the point?

Outnumbered? We are only 13 behind the top 'active players' clan and we are extremely able to keep up.... Clan is now able to solo 210 6* from an emergency, unplanned call... And we are doing just fine. Just because we do not accept rotations, as they are stupid, does not mean we should be treated d...

Re: Seriously what's the point?

The rotation is meant to be a way of helping lower clans, but then they have to apply to get into rotation.. The reason we are not in rotation is because that is what we are fighting against.. The rotation is restrictive and if all clans that can kill aggy get in... You are talking 8-16 days per kil...

Seriously what's the point?

Pride, Aeon, ParaDogz, (union), Nirvana, Benevolence, Peon, all the other clans.... What do we ALL have in common, we are all playing a game that we obviously all enjoy. I'm so confused as to why us players in bene are being treated like trash? All we are doing is playing the game the way we want to...

Re: For para

You refer to the activity of the clans and their ability to kill bosses? Well this is the most up to date post I can find:

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