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Re: Discussing the difference between CH and other games.

Celtic heroes vs world of Warcraft Both MMORPGs CH: freemium (have to pay to get anywhere) WoW: monthly payments also payments per expansion. CH: takes ages to lvl isn't practical unless you have hrs a day. At high lvls 180+ can't even see exp gain. WoW: lvling is pretty quick up to lvl 50 then slow...

Game of Thrones

Who else watches game of thrones? Badass show returns this weekend if you don't watch should check it out can get a free month of HBO now and have something to watch while you lix.

Re: For para

They are barely fourth strongest FYI, secondly they are only grouped now cause aeon and pride were tired of losing lock battles. Same reason aeon and pride grp eachother.. Also when I was in aeon I specifically remember being told DO NOT GRP para or benev and not to help anyone else who locks Snorri...

For para

Just want you guys and gals to always remember where you came from was a good clan mostly still is besides a handful, anyway just make sure to remember you were excluded by these clans not to long ago and you were not in rotations or grped at many bosses just remember you don't have to take their un...

Re: Curious

Think I proved my point there but if you still have questions concerns or still need some assistance to see the truth through the bs and slander from the opposition please feel free to pm me ;)

Re: Curious

Regenleif your blind if you think aeon pride and para don't KS lixes, your mates Mrpos and filet love to prey on the low lvl members of benevolence idk if it's out of spit or what? They are steal players glads and just cause chaos in arena any chance they can get trying to temp players and threaten ...

Re: Message for Taranis players!

We offered peace multiple times and on multiple platforms you guys have denied us at each and every turn, you continue to opress players with with fascist rules and regulation it was only a matter of time til we took things into our own hands. As you can see by the masses leaving pride aeon and para...

Re: Message for Taranis players!

Regenleif wrote:
GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:Savages

It's almost as savage as non-Taranis players butting their heads in and trying to cause a revolution in an endgame they have never experienced!

All non taranis players are welcome to come and comment to see your regime on taranis stop trying to hide it in forums.

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