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Re: Peace on Donn

To be honest if it did go on and im sure it dosent , i have invested a lot of real cash into my toon , and if i trusted said person with my account to help clan , when i was irl busy , i dont see a issue with it as i have spent loads of money to get my toon where it is, i should be allowed to give m...

Re: Peace on Donn

I dont feel tension in concordiia nor do our clannies i guess the tensions is coming from all the haters see our clan grow strong , concordiia is at peace , idle threats from syndicate and active have no bearing on our goals and as a clan we dont let it interfere with us progressing , if u guys spen...

Re: Peace on Donn

If active and syndicate would be truthfull with themselves , is that they know we are just a better clan , as the higher members of syndicate and active only log for events and the main 210 event which by d the way we showed them how to kill. Most of the lower members of synd and active have left an...

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