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Re: I lost my ring

"All trades between the players are final and support not gives any refunds". Should we not trade at all? If any item would be removed at any time with no refunds and millions lost? How should we know if item is legit or not? Ufeel bought the item for his gold, not got it for free. If the ...

Re: Haddock ?

130+ spots, though I got a feel what 140+ spots has it more often. I was on stonevale soup, but you could ask a pro fisher for some haddocks (150+ spots have better fish, so I was there since 140+).

Re: Cooking Proficiency

Looks like the simplier dishes do mastery more often. And mastery plus proficiency rate is roughly stable (like we got 5 mastery and 5 proficiency per 100, or we got 2 mastery and 8 proficiency per 100). So, maybe try the more complex dishes and see if it helps. Just my guess :-)

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