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Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

If you are lvl 8 you have no real base to say any of the things you did. Invest more time into Belenus before swinging your negativity and making the whole server sound bad. Just because I'm level 8 doesn't mean anything I've been around belenus quite awhile to see how people act and it's more than...

Re: Yule 2015 lux

Anyone else excited about the fashion?!! I mean who doesn't want to pop a lix and run to a boss looking like the ultimate warrior with those rainbow tassels or a nice set of tricycle handle....seriously who thought of that?

I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

Ok, So Recently I Have Joined Belenus, and Have Met Nothing But Hostility,...The Forums For Belenus Has Been Dead, and It Seems As Most Current Players Are Completely Rude, The Ones I've Came Across Atleast,...Yet Again You Can't Expect Much From Higher Levels,...Is This How You Get People To Join, ...


Ok so I'm a lvl 80 Ranger and I've taken my time leveling because I max all my abilities every 10 lvls. My question is if I'm lvl 225 full edl (without lux and what not) what potential does my toon have (only because you seem to have to buy your way in gwydion) Not a bash, just don't see much help h...

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