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Re: Solitaire Ball

Justjamie wrote:And the biggest thanks of all goes to...... (Drumroll please)...... LAVERNE!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for organizing the whole thing! You sure know how to throw one hell of a party!!

Well said jj :)

Re: A lil sale

yea sorry for my inactivity :( The best time to meet me is probably friday :) Usually on from like 5 pm gmt(British time). So see you then ( and don’t worry you will get the hat :) )

Re: A lil sale

@SatansRanger yes sure you have time untill the next Sunday :) @ robert and darkwarrior i don’t want to offend any of you guys so whenever you get cash make sure to meet me in game/tell me on forums :) @SlenderCat sorry mate but ive already sold all my glowing and sparkling items im afraid @Rogue216...

A lil sale

Hi guys :) Ive decided to sell some of the items i stashed during previous events. If you think that the price for a certain item is unfair feel free to discuss it with me :) So here are the items : Blue party hat - 10 k Pink mask of lugh- 5k sunflower wand- 13k cane of bats(x2)-15k Pink party hat-5...

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