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Re: Any classy servers?

^^ Lawl.... I reccommend coming to Danu! Not anything that you'd like but, might meet some kewl ppl here.
Few rivalry or Arena killing makes it fun sometimes.
Oh and the mage here that likes killing is a rock that is very steady... Hint Hint
(no shaming naming)

Re: It's been a while

Woot Woot, Nice writing skills mate 0:.... I love seeing posts like this, have a few hooks to grab attention and some puns :3... Anyways Welcome Back!! Heuheuheu

Re: Danus History

Diego!!! I got the chance to see you yesterday!!(Or was it the day before yesterday??) I was gnna ask you if you speak spanish :3.... Idk but it makes me feel closer to a player if they speak the same native language as I do.

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