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Re: Hmm

I'm a lvl 160 Mage and had been using focus Offhands my entire gamespan and man did the shield make an awesome difference... Went from 5-6k dmg to maybe 4.8-5.8 not much of a difference... Survive a lot with the resist bear helms.... But I would say stick with shield of mountain, not much of a diffe...

Re: Paris

I'm sure within a year, jokes will be cracked. If you've ever played counter strike, you'll hear a 9/11 joke very often. IMO nothing wrong with it, making light of a dark situation is a good way to get over it. this right here. These two make some real deal posts... I was thinking of a joke myself ...

Re: I quit

Good Luck Vult :) was always worth my time reading your posts... I agree with this one aswell(Not the Quitting thing) Oh and wait for Albion Online to launch :3

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