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Re: Hi

Welcome to the forums Keri! Greetings Earthling. I hope you enjoy your stay in our little corner of the internet. Try to not step in the puddles of goo. That's just Voldemort disintegrating naughty forum users again. Over to the left you will see Pigman's barn. He keeps it very clean for being a pig...

Re: Bounty xp

Acid Burn wrote:
Ara wrote:Did you lvl?

Bounties are lvl based so this should not be a reason for lower exp gain.

Well, I've been doing some of the same bounties for the past 4 or 5 levels: killing kelpies, red spiders, and quickthorns. I don't think the XP would drop that much, but maybe it's a small factor.

Re: Game freezing

I have the same problem on my 5th gen iPod. Everything just freezes and I have to restart the app. For me it might partly be poor wi-fi connection, but it only started freezing like this after I updated iOS.

Re: Best hybrid or dps build

Honestly the repetitive trolling of that ridiculously overused and overplayed joke should be a bannable offence. The guides stickied are a great starting point. Anyone who asks for 'build advice' should have their topic locked and have then redirected to the stickies. These forums should be for sha...

Re: Bounty Board

They add some variety to the game, give XP and gold, and sometimes you can get lixes or rare items. I also agree that they don't negate lixes, but they definitely can help with lvling faster.

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