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Re: Are spellwrought and thaumaturgic gear worth getting at

Or maybe he just has a lot of gold and can afford it...12.5m is easy for a merch, especially if they're geared and don't need to buy anything else. Gold isn't for looking at, it's for buying things you want. Or maybe he's our friend so we literally don't care about your opinion and are just having ...

Re: Older forum

Aerial wrote:So often times im bored, and i go back to forums from 2011-2012-21013 u know, and what i noticed is all these old forums users have the new forum pictures, anyone think why?

They probably didn't have one set beforehand, so the new forum gave them one randomly from the pre-approved ones.

Re: Fix things already

Yeah there should be a dps battle between top rogues and rangers of each server next beta. Maybe that will end the debate once and for all. I know they're a great class at end game. But getting there seemed to be too slow for me. I feel like they are below average before dl, average with full dl, a...

Re: Are spellwrought and thaumaturgic gear worth getting at

Trash and waste od money for casters. Go with alchemical and upgrade to occult, hell I still use ancient beastbone legs over my edl legs. Damage is the way to go! Don't listen to Turqo, as an example of why not to: he just paid way over 10 million for white spooky hunter. Wth It was 12.5 mill I thi...

Re: Fix things already

Ranger skills need to cast faster or do loads more damage. Barbed is slow to cast and the DOT adds up to about a str rangers auto. and you lose a auto or 2 just in the cast time of barbed. Needs to deal more damage on impact like rupture, or deal more damage per tick/poison damage. right now its sl...

Re: Yule 2015

Apple usually only takes 2 weeks (at most) to approve an update, so if there are no problems, we should have it before christmas.

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